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Wäre Ada ein Mann...Frauen in Technik, Naturwissenschaften und Medien.
Guided tour (Adults)

Clever women


Women in technology - a contradiction? Both women and men have left their mark on the history of technology. In an exciting tour, we will discover how much ‘woman’ there is behind technology.

A significant part of our history was created by women. Through their work, their knowledge, their experience and their creativity they also made a substantial contribution to the development, research in, and application of technology. Yet this work often remains invisible to a large extent – women in research frequently stood in the shadow of their more famous brothers, fathers or husbands. Were there women scientists before Marie Curie? Historical role models provide insights into women as researchers, women as beneficiaries of technology and women in the working process.


about45 Minutes

Group size:

max. 6 Persons


Erwachsene:EUR 4.50+Admission Tickets
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