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“Take a look at technology, ‘cos without the past there ain’t no future” – that, roughly translated, is the first line of a rap song written for the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) by young project participants.

The modern times project is designed to enable apprentices to contribute as experts, get involved in social processes, and rediscover the museum as a venue. The combination of recognising, learning and doing is key to the project.

Project results:

  • Audiovisual material on the everyday lives of apprentices 
  • Interdisciplinary workshop on the AT WORK exhibition (part of the education programme from autumn 2012)

Since new media are an integral part of the everyday lives of apprentices, their smartphones, etc., will be used to create short video and audio clips.

It means that social media integration takes place at many levels, with the Technisches Museum acting as a hub for communication, information and social reality.

The following topics are addressed, from both a current and a historical perspective:

  • Work / leisure 
  • Job diversity 
  • Culture / gender 
  • Migration / integration at the workplace 
  • Orientation in the working environment

Project participants:

The project back in summer 2011 with the apprentices of Jugend am Werk [Youth at Work]. The youths’ commitment and media results were certainly impressive!

In autumn 2011 the project entered its next phase with the Mollardgasse Vocational School for IT. Two films emerged as a result:

  • a feature film entitled Kurzschluss [Short-circuit], dealing with the subject of bullying in the workplace, and
  • an advertising film, which looks at the subject of work – in conjunction with the AT WORK exhibition and the historical mine at the Technisches Museum, overlaid with a music score and sound.

The two-hour offer was evaluated in additional workshops with different target groups and is to be included in the education programme from spring 2013.

Project team at the Technisches Museum Wien:
Beatrix Hain, Maria Bruck, Monika Rabofsky, Stefan Jandristis and Christopher Roither (Education Department), Christine Lixl (Marketing), Barbara Hafok (PR)

External education consultants:
Elisabeth Krön (theatre education), Hannes Heller and Beppo Stuhl (wienXtra-medienzentrum), Gerd Valchars (radio expert), Leopold Zeugswetter and Markus Schaufler (Mollardgasse vocational school), Claudia Huber (Jugend am Werk)

The project was sponsored as part of the education initiative by the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture entitled “Cultural Mediation with Schools in Federal Museums 2011”, with the active support of KulturKontakt Austria.

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