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Are you a dedicated educator? Do you have a keen and inquisitive classroom of pupils?
Then come to the Technisches Museum Wien and spend an exciting day here with us and your group, surrounded by historical exhibits in an energy-packed atmosphere. You’ll see – your school outing will prove a real eye-opener for your pupils.

Here is some helpful information and a few tips from our team of Museum Educators to make sure your visit to the Museum is a success:


Free admission to the Technisches Museum Wien for children and adolescents up to age 19.


There are lockers in the Foyer: use EUR 1.00 or EUR 2.00 coins to open.
For group lockers please leave a photo ID at the Information Desk.

Duty of supervision

Accompanying persons are responsible for supervising their school classes and other groups in their care, even during an education session. Please do not send your class off through the Museum unsupervised or without a task. Our Museum exhibits, lifts and walls have been known to suffer at the hands of overly creative and unsupervised schoolchildren. The exhibits and originals in the permanent collections are not to be touched – unlike our hands-on installations, of course.

Eating & drinking

The best places for you to eat your snacks are the Foyer or the area in front of the grand hall [Festsaal] on Level 3 – but not the exhibition rooms or the stairways! Please make sure all drinks are in re-sealable bottles. The Joules Bistro Café on Level 2 offers snacks and menus as well as group packages.
To reduce waiting times, we recommend that you pre-order at the Café.

Suitable rendezvous points

• Level 0: Foyer, Shop
• Level 2: Central hall at the Priksche steam engine or the Joules Bistro (Café)

Our Museum staff at the Information Desk are more than happy to help if anyone does lose their way.

When is the best time for a visit?

Discuss with your colleagues and your class whether you want your visit to the Technisches Museum Wien to be the starting point for a particular topic or a more in-depth exploration as part of a project – or an experience once a project is completed. Even if you just want the visit to be fun, you’ve come to the right place!

Basic information for the class

Give your class a little taste of what’s in store during the visit. What will they see? Who’s coming along? What’s the school outing for? What should they expect afterwards? What’s allowed in a Museum and what isn’t? When is there a break? What should the schoolchildren bring along? Will they be attending an education course? And will there be time for them to explore by themselves?

School tasks

Let your pupils raise questions based on the themes they discussed in class; they will need to find the answers in the course of their visit. You may want to divide your pupils up into different working groups for example. They can also spend time before the visit browsing the Museum’s website to find out what they will be able to experience here. And they can of course take photos during the visit (no tripods).
After the visit it’s always a good idea to share impressions and the knowledge gained. What was the most exciting information your pupils were able to find out? Who took the most appropriate photo?

And even if your class was not aware of the Museum, we’ll certainly whet their appetite!

Embark on a voyage of discovery through the Museum: Highlights of the Technisches Museum Wien for your pupils to explore for themselves

• Hands-on installations

Many interactive installations throughout the Museum are designed to encourage visitors to join in and try out the exhibits for themselves to gain a better understanding of the technology.

• Riddle Rally Generator

Compile your very own tricky Riddle Rally through the Technisches Museum Wien for your group by following just a few simple steps: http://www.technischesmuseum.at/raetselrallye

There are more than 640 questions and tasks across all exhibition areas waiting to be solved!
Tip: A Riddle Rally can be compiled in a flash, and it’s the perfect alternative to a school outing, especially on a rainy day!

In Motion – Level 1

Many hands-on elements are there for you to explore the world of mobility for yourself.

• Power stations in the ‘Energy’ exhibition area – Level 2

Run with the dandy horse, lift weights and draw water. The converter chain will keep your class on its toes!

Everyday Life – Directions for Use – Level 3

Step into the screaming booth to see who can scream the loudest and dance to ABBA, Elvis or a waltz under the disco lights.

Mobility – Level 4

Aeroplanes, vintage cars and motorcycles – a paradise for petrol heads! But as shiny as the chrome might be – please don’t touch: it’s only for looking.

media.worlds – Level 4

Who’ll manage to read out the news in the ORF broadcast studio without making a mistake or get to grips with the 3D computer games in the virtual reality theatre?

Book an exciting education programme for your group

The range of themes on show at the Technisches Museum Wien is huge, and there are countless top tips for you to discover. Getting lost among the vast exhibition rooms is easily done if you’re on your own. So why not let our Museum Educators accompany you around the premises and explore the history of technology together? For full details of the school programme go to:

• Registration and reservation

You’ll find our entire education programme with all the available dates online on our website. Once you’ve opted for a particular topic, you can send a date request for the education programme of your choice or book over the phone.
Full details of the school programme are available weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm (+43 1 89998-3001) or by email at wissensvermittlung@tmw.at
Tip: Our education programme is very popular. Booking as early as possible is strongly recommended!

• Is the very topic you’re working on not part of our education programme?

Get in touch with our booking centre; our expert staff will be happy to tell you about available options.

• Is English your preferred language?

All the education programmes can also be booked in English, which is also ideal for English lessons. Please notify our staff when making your booking.

• Each group is different

Whatever makes your class special, make sure you tell us at the time of booking. The more we know about your group, the better we can prepare for it.

• Ticket desk & payments

Please allow a little more time for paying at the ticket desk, especially if you’ve booked for the 9.15 am programme.

• Rendezvous points for booked education programmes

Your Museum Educator will come and pick up the group from the Foyer of the Technisches Museum Wien.
Exceptions: Guided tours of the mine: Level 2 (Energy) in front of the entrance to the mine
High-voltage demonstration: Level 2 (Energy) in front of the high-voltage room
Please make sure your group is present and complete at the rendezvous point at the agreed time.

• Teaching materials

Prep & follow-up materials for your class are available for our most popular education programmes:

WANTED: dedicated and inquisitive educators!
It’s not just for schoolchildren that the Technisches Museum Wien has interested topics.
Exciting guided tours for educators, great projects – when it comes to conveying knowledge about the sciences the Technisches Museum Wien is your perfect partner and also one of the leading extracurricular learning centres for technology and science in Austria.
We are very keen to hear from you and your expert feedback as educator! Help us with your feedback to continue improving our programmes and tailor them even more fittingly to each target group.
Keep up to date with the Educator Newsletter and be the first to find out about our latest education programmes, school projects, pupil events, and lots more.

We look forward to your visit at the Technisches Museum Wien!

For other questions and/or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us.

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