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rent your favorite Hands-On

museum on tour

With five interactive stations ("Hands-On"), which can be easily and uncomplicatedly shown everywhere, the Technische Museum Wien goes "on tour". 

Are you looking for a special highlight for your school party, company celebration or birthday party? With our most popular Hands-On your celebration will be interactive, instructive and a unique experience for all your guests!

On the road with energy
Electric current is not so easy to grasp. It has neither a colour nor a form, only phenomena and consequences can be observed. Energy also has many faces. It is everywhere and yet so difficult to fathom. In order to make these phenomena more comprehensible, the museum has put together a small interactive show dealing with the following questions:

- How does the body become a battery?
- Where is the magnetic field?
- What makes the wire glow?
- How does electricity flow in the air?
- How much energy is in your movement?

The show includes:
- five interactive stations that invite you to experience the phenomena of energy and electricity up close and personal
- bilingual inscriptions (D/E)
- uncomplicated construction and operation
- Target group: Children, schools, companies (suitable from 7 years)

The five hands-on stations are:
- hand battery
- Magnetic fields
- Glowing wires
- plasma ball
- dancing light

What do you need?
- 50-70 m² space (indoor)
- 5 sockets
- lighting

Rental fee: Contact us, we will be happy to make you an offer!
The Hands-On can also be rented individually.

Technishes Museum Wien

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