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Is your hearing poor or does your interlocutor speaks too quietly? Only a measurement device can provide information on this: the audiometer.

Audiometry is a sub-area of ear, nose and throat medicine. It is used to ascertain the hearing capacity of a person, which can be tested as follows:
Through headphones, the patient hears various pitches of sound. Initially, these are quiet and the volume is increased until the first sound is heard. The values heard are marked separately for each ear: red for the right ear and blue for the left. Formerly, the values were entered in a table, but today they are recorded by a computer and compared to a standard curve. The standard curve is derived from the average values of numerous measurements taken from healthy young people. The hearing sensibility for higher pitches declines with increasing age. The threshold of audibility also changes with regard to volume. This common process can accelerate significantly due to illness or exposure to excessive acoustic noise.

The controllers and switches on the front of the M 132 audiometer from the collection of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) are used to set the volume, pitch and timbre of the tone provided. In addition, one can switch to impulses. This is required for particular examinations. Various volumes of noise can also be set to test directional hearing. 

Manufacturer: Viennatone Hörgeräte GmbH, Vienna
Date of construction: 1963

Inv.Nr. 57640/1

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