Depth sounder

 © Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Peter Sedlaczek
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Technical and Scientific Principles
1950 - 1959
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The depth of water cannot be measured using tape measures. Instead, a depth sounder is used for this, which uses ultrasound for measuring depth.

This device from the collection of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) was purchased by Tauernkraftwerke AG, in order to measure the depth of dam reservoirs. It was used for over 20 years for measuring the Moserboden, Magaritze, Silvretta and Vermut reservoirs, amongst others.

The device emits ultrasound impulses in water, which are reflected from the bottom (as an echo). The distance from the bottom to the transmitter can be determined from the transit time of the sound. If the measurement is taken in various parts, this produces a profile of the body of water, which is recorded on a strip of paper. Depths of up to 800 metres can be measured at an accuracy of 1 %.

According to the Linz Office of Weights, Measures and Surveying, the device was also briefly used for measuring the Lake Toplitz. This is where treasure chests were assumed to have been sunk at the end of World War II.

Manufacturer: Atlas-Werke AG, Bremen
Date of construction: 1959

Inv.Nr. 79348

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