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1900 - 1909

File with cardboard sleeve

Schwanhäusser, Vienna around 1900



At the end of the 19th century, the file by Louis Leitz facilitates office organisation. It enables the systematic administration of written correspondence.

In the 19th century, the increase in business and administrative correspondence leads to a rationalisation of work procedures. In 1896, Louis Leitz develops the document file, which enables the systematic filing of documents and makes them readily accessible at any time. The typewriter is used for processing correspondence in a standardised way. The dictaphone records speech on wax cylinders, making it possible to increase the number of dictations that a typist can process.

It is mostly women who work in the growing number of offices. They see office work as a source of income and as an opportunity for social advancement. Management functions, however, are still performed my men. The women work as stenographers and operate typewriters, calculating machines, copying machines, addressing machines or booking machines. The machine manufacturers also supply their customers with operating instructions in order to teach the mostly untrained staff how to use their equipment.

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