Autograph Wild A7 photogrammetric stereoplotter

 © Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Peter Sedlaczek
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Technical and Scientific Principles
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Many people rely on accurate maps from which the height of the terrain can be read. These can be created using photogrammetric devices such as the A7.

High-resolution stereoscopic photographs make it possible for terrain on a map to be shown so that its shape can be seen using contour lines. These photographs are generally taken from an aircraft. The result is two large-format slides, which are then clamped in a drafting machine such as the A7 from the collection of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum).

A cartographer sits in front of the device and views the images through a type of stereo microscope. The cartographer transfers the height information through a rod assembly to the drawing board, where it is plotted as contour lines. In order to achieve the necessary accuracy, the device must be constructed to be sufficiently solid. The smallest distortion in the rod assembly would result in incorrect height marks. The cartographer can use their foot to move the field of view using the plate on the floor.

Manufacturer: Wild Heerbrugg, Aarau
Date of construction: around 1949

Inv.Nr. 79374/1

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