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1900 - 1909
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Model of a rafter roof with collar beam support, around 1900


Nowadays, roof trusses made by carpenters are only really found in single-family homes. As shown in the model on exhibit, they should be suitable for roof extension purposes.

This model of a rafter roof with collar beam support was included in the architectural technology collection of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) after being gifted to the museum along with four other models of similar roof trusses by the Vienna University of Technology. Initially, they were used for educational purposes at the "Institut für Hochbau für Bauingenieure" (Institute for Civil Engineering). A number of roof trusses on a similar layout shows the manifold construction options as well as the differences in material usage.

These showpieces were made in the workshop of the precision mechanic Franz Steflitschek in around 1900. Among other things, he constructed physical demonstration devices, which are highly priced nowadays. The workshop, which was founded in 1850, was located in Millergasse 8 in Vienna VI. Its products are characterised by their high degree of craftsmanship. The series of roof truss models also offers this level of detailed precision. On a scale of 1:100, the differences between the individual roof truss designs is clearly visible.

The collar beam roof truss is a special variation of the simple rafter roof. It can be used for spanning larger construction areas using so-called beam supports as reinforcement. Rafter roofs and collar beam roofs are among the oldest forms of roof construction in Central and Northern Europe. A collar beam roof is suitable for roof extension purposes and requires less wood in comparison to other roof constructions. It is especially suitable for use in the construction of gabled and half-hipped roofs.

Even nowadays, and in many regions, a roof truss is an obvious and optimal way to close off the top of the building in an economical way.

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