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Technical and Scientific Principles
Measurement, Testing and Control Technology
Inventory No. 1938

Set of coin scales with four weights inside a case


Coin scales were used to check the precious metal content of gold and silver coins. And perhaps Hofrat Theodor Wolf did indeed check coins in his professional capacity as a revenue officer working for the finance authorities. In May 1938 he decided to give the scales to the TMW.

Hofrat Dr Theodor Wolf, an engineer by training, was born in Hranice (Mährisch Weisskirchen) in 1865. A revenue officer by profession, he retired in the late 1920s and lived at Rathausstrasse 19/10 in Vienna’s 1st District. As a Jew he was persecuted by the Nazis after the Anschluss. Wolf was unmarried and had no children. He died in Vienna on 10 November 1941 aged 76.

In a letter dated 23 May 1938 the Director of the Technisches Museum Vienna, Viktor Schützenhofer, had thanked Theodor Wolf for leaving the Museum ‘a set of coin scales (Inv. No. 15.395), two alcoholmeters (Inv. No. 15.396/1-2) and a stamp with counter mechanism (Inv. No. 15.397) – the first three aforementioned objects as a donation, the latter as a loan to the Museum. In 2007 the Art Restitution Advisory Board recommended that the objects be restituted. The search for his heirs has so far been inconclusive.

Inv.Nr. 15395
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