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1850 - 1899
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Wheels of railway carriage, print, 1862

The cast steel works of Friedrich Krupp in Essen produced these axles and wheels for the railway carriages of the ‘Berlin-Anhalt Railway’ and the ‘Cologne-Minden Railway’.

The print of the drawing comes from the decorative presentation portfolio "Cast Steel Works of Fried. Krupp, Essen (Rhenish Prussia)". The portfolio from the collections of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) contains references to renowned firms, shipping and railway companies, and examples of products for railways carriages, guns and howitzers.

The wheels and axles shown are provided as an example. In the 19th century, the ‘Berlin-Anhalt Railway’ was one of the most important railway lines in Germany. Its line, extending for around 430 km, connected Berlin with the northern area of the Kingdom of Saxony and the Duchy of Anhalt. The ‘Cologne-Minden Railway’ was an important connecting line between the Rhineland, the north German ports and Berlin.

The Krupp cast steel works was founded by Friedrich Krupp in 1811. In its early years, it mainly produced small steel goods and cooking pots. It had few employees. In 1826, his son Alfred Krupp took over its management. With the expansion of the railway lines in Germany and weapons production, the Krupp cast steel works underwent a significant change. A production line for railway parts was started in 1847. The seamless wheel rim was invented in 1852, which could be produced efficiently and had good material properties. Through this, the Krupp cast steel works prospered to become one of the most important suppliers of locomotive and carriage parts in Germany. It also exported to Russia, North America, South Africa and Brazil. Thus was laid the foundation stone for the company's subsequent industrial empire.

Even today, the three rings in the company logo of ThyssenKrupp AG are a reminder of the pioneering invention of seamless wheel rims.

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