• FA-124327 © Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Peter Sedlaczek
  • FA-124328 © Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Peter Sedlaczek
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Production Technology
Glass and Ceramics
1910 - 1919
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Stages in creating a glass using the ‘flat painting’ technique, Bohemia, 1914


Decors produced using an ‘aerograph’ came into fashion in the early 20th century. The aerograph was an early development of the paint spray gun, known nowadays as an ‘airbrush’.

Like ornamental painting on glass, the technique referred to as ‘flat painting’ is a chemical coating process used in glass finishing. The paint is applied to the glass using a brush or sprayer and then fired. This can either be done over large surfaces or, as in our example, with the help of a stencil.

The advantage of a spray gun over a paintbrush is that the paint is atomised by compressed air. This in turn creates a mist of paint that can be finely dosed, creating immaculate surfaces and smooth colour gradients.

The new spray painting technique was also being experimented at the two northern Bohemian technical colleges for the glass industry in Steinschönau (Kamenický Šenov) and in Haida (Nový Bor), just a few miles away. Each of the experiments conducted are indicated in gold lettering on the glasses themselves, making them a valuable source on the history of the technique. One of the college students, or perhaps even one of its lecturers, left three of these glasses to the Technisches Museum Wien, of which two bear the mention, coloured purple: ‘Flat paint applied with the sprayer Rud. Tischer Haida’. The third glass shown here bears the inscription: ‘Stenciled Rud. Tischer Haida’. The stencil used consisted of a sheet metal shape open at the back so the glass that is to be painted or sprayed can be handled with ease along with the stencil. The close proximity of the two technical colleges is also reflected here: indeed, the series with the flat painting technique was sent in to the collection by the technical college at Steinschönau.

Spray painting for ornamentation purposes was very popular in the early 20th century, not just in glass finishing, but also on ceramic objects.

Manufacturer: Imperial & Royal Technical College for the Glass Industry at Steinschönau (Kamenický Šenov), Bohemia
Production date: 1914

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