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New volume of Edition TMW published

The latest volume of the Edition TMW deals with the history and cryptology of the legendary encryption machine Enigma. During the Second World War, the Enigma served the German Wehrmacht to encrypt radio traffic, making it a key element of the National Socialist war machine.

The word enigma comes from Greek and means"mystery". For the Allies, it was indeed one of the great mysteries that had to be solved in order to defeat Nazi Germany and end the war. In Bletchley Park, British mathematicians and engineers worked feverishly to crack the codes of the Enigma in order to be able to read the military radio traffic of Hitler's Wehrmacht. At the same time, the German side felt safe from unwanted eavesdroppers for a long time with the miracle machine, which generated an astronomically high number of encryption options. Wrongly, as it turned out decades after the war.

This volume describes how the Enigma worked, how it was used and ultimately cracked. Besides explanations on the history and function of the machine, the book offers a meticulous cryptological reconstruction of various decryption methods developed by Polish and British mathematicians. In addition, the publication pays homage to those young scientists from Poland and England whose work has made a significant contribution to defeating Nazi Germany and shortening the war by years.

Wolfgang Pensold, Otmar Moritsch:
Geheimsache Enigma. Geschichte und Kryptologie der legendären Verschlüsselungsmaschine
Edition TMW, Band 9, Verlag Technisches Museum Wien
198 Seiten, zahlreiche Abbildungen
€ 22,80
ISBN 978-3-903242-01-2

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