From November 2019

Who owns PINK?

An installation in Technisches Museum Wien

The Technisches Museum Wien has been dealing with the colour pink since 2017. Numerous new objects were added to the collection and existing objects in the depots were examined for their colours. Some results of the research project will be presented in an installation and online from November 2019 - and visitors are invited to participate!

The colour pink is currently regarded in Austria as childlike, fun, artificial and soft - qualities that are often still associated with femininity. However, many groups deliberately use the colour for their campaigns, e.g. in the fight against breast cancer, women's and LGBTIQ* rights, etc. Thus the colour pink often (re-)produces gender stereotypes, but at the same time pink is a colour of social change. Such strong contrasts did not exist in the past and even today they are not an issue in some cultures.

Because we humans first charge colours with meanings, the Technisches Museum Wien is also interested in the positions, memories, concerns and meaning desires of museum visitors in order to be able to collect and document the most diverse facets of the colour pink. The museum is very happy about stories, visions of the future, photos and object offers about the colour pink.
Contact: pink@tmw.at
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