The scholar-in-residence programme at the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) enables a researcher to spend three to four months at the Technisches Museum Wien. The residency is valued at EUR 12,000.
It requires submission of a research proposal related to the Technisches Museum Wien and its current main research areas. This can also lead to project submissions for multi-year research projects.

Submission deadline: 28 February 2023
The 2023 residency overlaps with the “Colonial Infrastructures” research project. As part of this research project, funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, the Civil Service and Sport (BMKOES), the Technisches Museum Wien is exploring colonial infrastructure and transport projects in 2023 where Austrian involvement is evident in planning and construction or through (in)direct commercial interests.

Four major colonial projects documented in the museum’s archives for Austrian history of technology and railway history provide the starting point for the research: the Suez Canal in Egypt, the Otavi Railway Line in Namibia, the North Western Railway in India and the Dom Pedro II Railway in Brazil.

The objective of the residency research proposal to be defined by the candidates should be generated from this project environment and include at least one of the following aspects:
  • Long-term impacts of colonialism and irreversible ecological interventions on site, for example due to the construction or destruction of infrastructures (decolonial ecology)
  • Indigenous and/or feminine knowledge as situated forms of knowledge on infrastructure and/or transport planning or land use in the context of the global climate crisis

The residency also includes the invitation to become actively involved in the 3rd Vienna Workshop on Gender & Sexuality in STEM Collections in autumn 2023.

The submission must include:

  • Binding information concerning the desired period of residency in 2023
  • Objective and description of the research proposal (2 pages)
  • Curriculum vitae (1 page, please also specify your foreign language skills)
  • List of scientific publications (1–2 pages)
The number of pages indicated above must be taken into account when submitting proposals.

Submission deadline:

Submissions must be sent by email to by 28 February 2023.