School programme: Work & Production.


Find out more about the extensive offer of guided tours, workshops and events around the exhibition, designed specially with kindergartens and school classes in mind:

  • techLAB (From Grade 6)


    © Paul Bauer
    Ever printed something out in 3D or cut something out using a laser?
  • Guided Tour (Grate 5–10 )

    Manufacturing the future

    © Technisches Museum Wien

    The Industrial Revolution produced goods and products that everyone could afford, and now we find ourselves in the middle of the next revolution in production, with customised products costing the same as mass-produced goods.

  • WORKSHOP (Grate 5.–10.)

    Manufacturing the future: laser cutters

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Paul Bauer
    Welcome to our techLAB with the digital production equipment of the future!

    Robot – are you doing my work?

    © Technisches Museum Wien
    What do robots look like when they work for us or alongside us? What tasks are they able to assume?
  • (primary school classes; 110 minutes)

    Digibot – tracking digital education

    © Technisches Museum Wien

    We are familiar with robots that assist us human beings – but how do they actually work?

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