• Interactive model of Seestadt Aspern Interactive model of Seestadt Aspern, © Technisches Museum Wien
The urban future

School programme: The urban future

Our new exhibition is all about the urban future. We will be examining innovations and slipping into the role of urban planners ourselves.

Find out more about the extensive offer of guided tours, workshops and events around the exhibition, designed specially with kindergartens and school classes in mind:

  • Führung (9. - 13. Schulstufe)

    The city - dynamic and innovative

    © Technisches Museum Wien
    What actually is a city – and how does it evolve? On this guided tour we’ll examine these questions and look at what has changed over time.
  • WORKSHOP (GRADE 8 - 13)

    Urban innovation – thinking_planning_living

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Klaus Pichler

    Who actually owns a city? Who ‘makes’ it? And how does that work? This workshop examines these and other questions relating to urban development.


    On the city trail

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Klaus Pichler

    What is a city? Everyone knows the answer to that! But if you think about it, there are lots of questions. How do you actually plan a city? What are the things you need? How does a city evolve?

  • WORKSHOP (GRADE 3 - 7)

    Urban developers - Building my own city!

    © Technisches Museum Wien

    As ‘urban developers’, we’ll plan and build our very own fantasy settlement.


    My city - The small city workshop

    © Inge Prader

    Together we’ll explore what actually constitutes a city and discover lots of exciting, surprising and even crazy things.

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