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ON/OFF school programme


Our new exhibition is all about Austria’s national power grid.
Find out more about the extensive offer of guided tours, workshops and events around the exhibition, designed specially with kindergartens and school classes in mind:

  • Aktions-Führung (Grade 2.–5.)

    Electricity – Particles on a journey

    @ Technisches Museum Wien

    What actually is electricity? And where does it come from? Join us as we explore it all, with lots of experiments and exciting exhibits!

  • Guided tour (Grade 2 - 8)

    The world of electricity

     © Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Inge Prader
    Washing machines, computers and fridges - just imagine how many everyday items would be useless without electricity. Take a look back in time with us and find out how electricity came into our homes!
  • Guided tour (Grade 2 - 8)

    Energy – from physical strength to power stations

     © Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Inge Prader
    Mobile phones, Gameboys, lights – lots of things in your bedroom need electricity to work. But how did equipment work in the past without electricity and how was heavy work carried out?
  • WORKSHOP (GRADE 5 - 10)

    Clean energy

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Gregor Kuntscher

    How eco-friendly is electric current? What electricity is the best? Is that even a question you can ask? In this workshop we’ll explore the different types of renewable energy.

  • Guided tour (Grade 5-13)

    How does a nuclear power plant work?

    © Technisches Museum Wien
    Most probably, you have already heard something about nuclear power plants. Find out what this is and how nuclear power is generated! What led to the catastrophe in Fukushima?
  • PädagogInnen-Führung


    © Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Gregor Kuntscher
    Unfortunately this article is only available in German.
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