School programme: SPECIAL EFFECTS


It’s movie time at the Technisches Museum Wien from mid-October 2019 onwards.

SPECIAL EFFECTS tells the story of the special effects used in the movie industry, from pre-production to cinema screening. An interactive ‘film studio’ has been recreated so young visitors can experiment with their own movie and media skills.

Find out more about our offer of guided tours and workshops designed specially with kindergartens and school classes in mind.

  • Guided Tour (For schoolchildren aged 7 to 9)

    The world of movie tricks

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Paul Bauer
    Movies tell stories and make the impossible possible. But how do things that don’t really exist make it onto the big screen? On this guided tour you’ll learn all about the history of film – from the first moving picture technology to modern special effects that create stunning movie worlds.
  • Workshop (Grade 2.–10.)

    ‘And... action!’ Special effects in a film studio

    © Technisches Museum Wien / Paul Bauer
    As small as a dwarf? As fast as a superhero? As creepy as a monster? How are movie special effects created? On our tour of the Museum you’ll find out how and when still images first became ‘movies’ and what the first films were about; we’ll also take a peek behind the scenes of a movie production.
  • Guided Tour (For schoolchildren aged 10 to 18)

    Movie (hi)stories

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Paul Bauer
    Movies tell stories – and we tell movie (hi)stories. On our guided tour you’ll find out about the early days of film production and the first cinema theatres as well as the very latest special effects and technical tricks that create stunning movie worlds.
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