Technology is child’s play!

Learning by searching and researching at kindergarten

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Technik kinderleicht!
  • Are you a kindergarten educator?
  • Are you interested in establishing natural science and technology as part of your work with young children?
  • Are you available on both the workshop dates indicated below?
If so, why not apply for one of 25 places!

The Technisches Museum Wien and Junge Industrie [Young Industry] have joined forces to launch the third round of the further training and continuing education initiative for kindergarten educators, focusing on natural science and technology.

Children have a natural curiosity, an instinct to explore – and they often ask critical questions! So what better proof of the vast potential of early childhood education? What’s more, it has been shown that any encouragement children under the age 6 are able to receive has a particularly favourable impact on their future development. And so, to stimulate the enthusiasm of 3 to 6-year-olds for natural sciences and technology, the Technisches Museum Wien has teamed up with Junge Industrie to launch the further training and continuing education initiative for kindergarten educators called ‘Technology is child’s play!’ aimed at promoting early childhood development in this field.

The ‘Technology is child’s play!’ project allows educators to acquire additional qualifications in technology and natural science, based on a child’s world view and their horizon of experience. Other aspects of the course include problem-solving skills, recognising correlations, and language development.

Application details:

In 2017, a total of 25 educators, will have the opportunity to work through the ‘Technology is child’s play!’ curriculum at the Technisches Museum Wien. Participating kindergartens will be provided with the relevant materials and resources for working with the children. The charge for these materials and for food & beverages will be EUR 15.- per participant per workshop day.

Both workshop dates will focus on experiments on the following topics:
  • ‘Water’ (on 17.03.2017) and
  • ‘Technology in everyday life’ (on 28.04.2017)
  • The third workshop on the theme of mobility will be held in 2018.
The online application form is available here.
The closing deadline for the application form is 6 pm on 3 March 2017.

We look forward to your applications!

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