The singing Tesla transformer


The renovation of the high-voltage room has been made possible courtesy of Wien Energie: listen and watch as lightning bolts make music and our brand new “singing Tesla transformer” puts in a sparkling performance.

The Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) is presenting the first singing Tesla transformer in Europe, with the support of Wien Energie. A Tesla transformer generates very high voltages, so much so that lightning bolts are created. With the singing Tesla transformer these sudden discharges have a very special function: they play music. The electricity from the discharge is controlled so the lightning bolt itself becomes a loudspeaker. Where only a crackling might otherwise be heard, the singing Tesla transformer makes music. The repertoire performed by the lightning bolts in the high-voltage demonstration range from the Blue Danube Waltz to Take Five and Smoke on the Water.

What’s more, together with the manufacturers, Effektschmiede im Cologne, we have been able to implement a very special function in a museum for the first time: besides music the singing Tesla transformer can also be modulated by the human voice using a microphone. This interactive option of controlling lightning sparks with one’s own voice is possible only at the Technisches Museum Wien.

Idea and concept: Technisches Museum Wien, DI Laurenz Seebauer
Co-operation partner: Wien Energie
Manufacturers: Effektschmiede, Cologne

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