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Work & Production

Education programme: Work & Production.

Join us and explore our exciting programme at our new ‘Work & Production’ exhibition. In addition to the workshop offer, you’ll also have the opportunity to experiment with a laser cutter, a 3D printer and lots more at the techLAB as part of an open session in the afternoon.


What sort of life skills will we need in the future? It’s hard to say with any accuracy, but no doubt they will include an ability to work with innovative technologies, an understanding of the digital world, and creative problem-solving skills. These are skills that will be conveyed to visitors at the techLAB.
  • TRAINING (AGE 12+)

    techLAB_Training. Do it yourself!

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Paul Bauer
    The educational partnership with the Wirtschaftskammer Wien (WKW) enables workshops 'in Cooperation with the WKW' to be offered free of charge to our visitors.
  • (Training age 12+)

    techLAB_Training. Do it yourself!

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Paul Bauer
    Ever printed something out in 3D or cut something out using a laser?

    Summ-Summ, our robotic bee, is buzzing around!

    © Technisches Museum Wien

    Come and join us as we dive into the fascinating world of robotics! Do you know how a robot works? What different types of robots there are? So help us to control Summ-Summ, our robotic bee.


    Digibot – digitaler Bildung auf der Spur

    © Technisches Museum Wien
    We are all familiar with robots that assist us human beings – but how do they actually work?
  • Guided Tour (Adults)

    Manufacturing the future

    © Technisches Museum Wien

    In this guided tour we’ll look at how, in future, we will be able to design everything we need on a daily basis according to our own ideas and purchase them at an affordable price

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