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ON/OFF education programme


Ö1 Kinderuni-Beitrag: "Wie wird Strom gemacht?"

© Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Peter Sedlaczek

In addition to the existing workshops and guided tours, which have all been redesigned accordingly, there are now three new tailor-made formats, too. So join us and explore our exciting programme at our new exhibition: ON/OFF – The interactive exhibition all about the power grid.


    ON/OFF: Unser Stromnetz

    © Technisches Museum Wien
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  • Aktions-Führung (7–12 ages)

    Electricity – Particles on a journey

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Daniel Zupanc

    Together we’ll find out what electricity actually consists of, why it always has to flow in a circuit, and lots more besides.


    Clean energy

    © Technisches Museum Wien

    How eco-friendly is electric current? What electricity is the best? Is that even a question you can ask? In this workshop we’ll explore the different types of renewable energy.

  • Family tour (Children from 7–12 years)

    The world of electricity

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Klaus Pichler
    Washing machines, lights, cookers – imagine how many things would be useless without electricity. Take a look back at the past with your children and find out how electricity came into our homes in the first place.
  • Family tour (Children from 7 - 12 years)

    Power – muscle power or power plant?

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Daniel Zupanc
    Mobile phones, Game Boys, lights – lots of devices in your playroom work with electricity. But how did appliances work in the old days, and how did people do heavy work?

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