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Education programme: SPECIAL EFFECTS

The interactive exhibition for movie fans


The SPECIAL EFFECTS exhibition looks at movie special effects from their very beginnings with Georges Méliès right through to the latest blockbusters. The history of movie-making is told from the vantage point of special effects, from the first analogue options such as the use of make-up and simple misdirection tricks to the very latest in digital effects. 

Broaden your movie and media skills within the scope of the exhibition; find out how simple some movie tricks actually are and how complex others can be; also, how the first animated film was created. 

Then, why not step in front of or behind the camera as part of the workshop ‘And... action! Special effects in a movie studio’ and produce a short film with various effects at the exhibition’s own film studio. 

  • Guided Tour (Adults & Children Age12+)

    Movie (hi)stories

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Paul Bauer
    Movies tell stories – and we tell movie (hi)stories. On our guided tour you’ll find out about the early days of film production and the first cinema theatres as well as the very latest special effects and technical tricks that create stunning movie worlds.
  • Family-Tour (Children Age 7–12)

    The world of movie tricks

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Paul Bauer
    Movies tell stories and make the impossible possible. But how do things that don’t really exist make it onto the big screen? On this guided tour you’ll learn all about the history of film – from the first moving picture technology to modern special effects that create stunning movie worlds.

    Film ab! Spezialeffekte im Filmstudio

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    Unfortunately this article is only available in German.

    'And … action!' – The special effects of film

    © Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Paul Bauer
    Ever shot a film? Well, come to the Technisches Museum Wien on your birthday and you’ll get a chance to make your own short film, with your friends to help you.
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