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© Technisches Museum Wien
© Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Peter Sedlaczek
© Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Peter Sedlaczek
© Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Peter Sedlaczek
Regeln im mini mobil (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Indeed, due to the strong demand, the interactive area for our youngest visitors to the Museum has just been expanded. After a restructuring phase of several weeks you now have more than 600 m² of interactive space to find out all there is to know about the exciting topic of mobility.

The new mini mobil comprises several areas full of adventure and discovery:

Road circuit

Get behind the wheel of all sorts of vehicles and dart through the town, tunnels and countryside on our special track. Join other children and get to grips with the challenges of road traffic and road behaviour.


Ship ahoy! Cast your rod over the railing and try out your angling skills. Or would you rather slip into various mobility-related professions? If so, just open up the treasure chest and dress up as a pilot, astronaut or police officer. In the meantime the adults can relax on deck and watch over you as you negotiate the circuit.


Meanwhile the youngest among might want to explore space, launch a rocket, or build a lunar landscape. By the way: who’s that hiding inside the planet hut?


Have you always dreamt of flying a plane? Fancy finding out more about the airport and all its activities? Perhaps help with the baggage security checks and with loading the aircraft. Fly the model airplane from the cockpit of our ‘mini mobil aircraft’ and try and fly it above the clouds – but don’t forget to fuel up the aircraft beforehand. Or make a swift exit from the brightly coloured aircraft by quickly sliding down the emergency chute.

Rest area

The rest area is the perfect spot to recover from all that excitement. There are benches for parents and adults to rest up and have a snack, and there’s also a beverage station so adults can unwind, too.

Due to the growing demand for the mini mobil circuit we have drawn up a new operating concept. When it’s very busy, the amount of time you can drive around the track has to be regulated. ‘Numbered tickets’ in the form of high-visibility vests and set driving times allocated by our staff are designed to ensure that all children get to use the track for the same amount of time.
Our staff is on hand to answer any questions our visitors may have.

With a surface area of some 600 m2 the mini mobil provides a link to real life for children aged 2 to 8 – and a way of actively engaging with the topic of mobility in a fun way: yet another great offer for our youngest visitors to the Museum to enjoy.

We look forward to seeing you!

mini mobil opening hours:
Mon to Fri: 9 am – 5.45 pm
Sat, Sun, public holidays: 10 am – 5.45 pm

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