The Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) is looking for exhibits of the present for the future to permanently include into our collection.

electric guitars with a history

  • Unplugged is not your thing!
  • Whether blues, rock, pop or jazz, your sound always struck a chord with the audience.
  • During gigs in clubs, groovy guitar solos in front of raging crowds or legendary jam sessions in the rehearsal room – your artistic career tells a musician’s personal story.
  • As an electric guitar, you have seen at least 40 years of action and your unforgettable performances are evidenced by signs of use and, ideally, also by audio recordings

Duties and responsibilities
In your capacity as a donated exhibit, you will be irrevocably added to the historical collection and are willing to serve as a contemporary witness. You are committed to representing one of the most exciting eras of 20th century music history as part of the musical instruments collection. Providing your owner wishes to donate you and your story to the museum, please apply for a position as museum exhibit.
You are awaited by a dedicated team of collection experts and curators to scientifically study your potential as a museum exhibit, a team of restorers and conservators team to keep you in perfect condition as well as unique fellow collection items.