As a museum exhibit, you play an active part in documenting progress in technology, everyday life and environment with your personal history of use. Contribute everything you would like to share with posterity. On this note, we are seeking with immediate effect

objects of protest and environmental activism 

to permanently include into our collection.

  • You were used as part of a campaign, demonstration, occupation or expedition against a particular energy source or a location (applies to both fossil and renewable energy sources) 
  • You stand for co-determination in Austrian environmental policy, create opportunities for action and document a democratic, activistic approach 
  • You contributed to bringing about a mindset shift in the field of energy during a period of upheaval 
Duties and responsibilities
You are committed to complementing the energy collection with vivid testimonies to protest culture or personal memorabilia (such as banners, flyers, masks, tents, boats, musical instruments, saucepans, logbooks, audio and video recordings, etc.) 
We offer
  • irrevocable inclusion into the collection of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) 
  • the opportunity to be featured as part of exhibitions 
  • protection as a historical exhibit and long-term preservation for you as a collection item 
Providing your owner wishes to donate you and your story to the museum, please apply for a position as museum exhibit.